President’s Welcome

It is my incredible joy to see my Emirates Neurology Society member colleagues joining forces to advance upgrade and develop the progression of one of the fastest-growing professions within the United Arab Emirates. Together we cultivate quality neurology and brain wellbeing within the nation, an objective we look to attain by advancing worldwide neurological education and training.

We are endeavoring to progress Neurological wellbeing through education, research, and quality patient care. EMINS helps individuals understand the significance of healthy practices and provides science-based treatment guidelines to healthcare experts to help them provide quality care to their patients. Our medical, surgical, and research specialists committed to assisting the patients with a disease-specific, patient-focused approach to care.

Our group of specialists and practicing neurologists are working towards advancing and cultivating multidimensional care for patients with all forms of neurological disease throughout the United Arab Emirates.


Dr. Suhail Abdulla Al Rukn


Board Members

Dr. Abubaker Abdulrahman Almadani

Vice President

Dr. Mohammed Hamad Al Kuwaiti

General Secretary

Dr. Jihad Said Salim Inshasi

Scientific Committee Chairperson

Dr. Mona Chetan Thakre

Cultural Committee Chairperson


Capable hands behind the great goal.


Each year is a milestone of our incredible success.

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